April 22, 2013

DIY Shelf System for the Study

I kick-started the new week with a bit of DIY for our study. I needed a shelving unit next to my desk where I could keep all the things I use almost daily plus display those things that inspire me in my work. I had bookmarked this DIY ages ago and when I came across it again this morning, I decided to try making my own version of it.

I wanted to keep the natural colour of wood because we have a lot of wooden items around our home anyway. I also happen to love the patterns in the wood so I didn't want to cover them by paint. I made the shelves a bit wider (9cm) and attached two 180cm long pieces of timber (each 23.5cm wide) together. Pine is soft enough to attach the screws by hand, so I needn't use any electrical tools; just a saw, a measuring tape, some sanding paper and a leveller. I'm sure no carpenter would approve of my work, but I am myself quite happy with the result :-)

Easy peasy and now I have new-found motivation for the coming week!