March 07, 2013

Home Maintenance


I have been doing a bit of home maintenance lately; organising, de-cluttering and decorating. Here in Sydney I don't really change home interiors according to seasons, except for adding a few cosy blankets here and there for the cooler months, but I do like the idea of starting each season with a kind of inventory.

The wooden chest in our living room was recently brought to Sydney by my parents. It is a traditional "bridal chest", filled with linen and given to the daughter in the family when she gets married. This one was handmade by a Swedish carpenter back in 1991 when I was just 10 years old. I'm so happy to finally have it here in our Sydney-home.


I'm sticking to my grey-white-wood colour scheme throughout the year. I have assorted vessels in simple, timeless designs and some wooden beads I absolutely adore. Marimekko print on the living room wall adds a splash of colour.

Our kitchen has generous storage space, but I like to keep some things on display on the bench top, just to add a touch of homeyness. When my parents were visiting us, dad and I finished a few DIY projects, including this cute little ladder for the kitchen and some new shelves for our laundry space.

I'm absolutely smitten by my new wooden clothes horse. I've always had to hide the ugly plastic stands, but no more! I can store this inside during the rainy season and it's almost like a pretty piece of furniture. I love it!