June 10, 2012

The Wedding

And so the Wedding Day came and went. I can't quite comprehend that all the preparations and work that went into organising the event have now culminated to a beautiful and very special day. It was exactly that: our day which we wanted to keep simple and modest, intimate and friendly. We wanted a small wedding where everyone would be able to enjoy each other's company and feel relaxed. 

We had hired a venue by the river running alongside of my hometown. Two old buildings from the late 1800's. The ceremony was held in the other building (in the below photos the red one), and we then moved into the main building for dinner and celebrations. All the decorations were nature-inspired: moss-covered rocks, trays made out of birch trees, birch branches and beautiful floral decorations made out of grass, hay and wild flowers. Amazingly, our wedding day happened to be the only sunny day in a week. We felt so lucky that the Mother Nature decided to treat us with clear skies. 

Most of the food was traditional for this region: salmon soup, gravlax, pike and reindeer. Finnish flat bread, rye bread, and of course salads. We had Princess Torte as a wedding cake, and in addition there was local cheese, biscuits and coffee cake made by my mum. I had made a fruit salad and some delicious coconut balls (obviously not so traditional) - I'm planning to share the recipe with you later. 
The-day-before photos of the venue
Inside the venue where we had the ceremony

After the toast
Simple platinum rings with classic designs. No diamonds here!

The Midnight Sun

We feel truly honoured that so many of our dear friends had travelled from faraway to share our day. We are so thankful for everyone who helped with the preparations and of course we are thankful for all the well-wishes, gifts and love shared on the day.

A friend of mine shared this beautiful poem with me. I've done my best to translate it, but I'm afraid my translation doesn't quite do it justice.

Siinä olet kaste ja minä olen maa,                                                     You are the dew and I am the earth,
joka aamua odottaa.                                                                           who awaits for the morning.
Sinä olet tuuli ja minä olen puu,                                                        You are the wind and I am the tree,
johon tuuli laskeutuu.                                                                         where the wind will descend.
Sinä olet tuli ja minä kuiva maa,                                                        You are the fire and I am the dry land,
joka elämään virkoaa.                                                                         that will revive to life.
Sinä olet meri ja ulapalla sen                                                              You are the ocean and on its offing
meren laulua kuuntelen.                                                                      I will listen to the song of the ocean.

Me kuulumme yhteen kuin taivas ja maa,                                          We belong together like the heaven and the earth,

ei meitä voi erottaa.                                                                            we cannot be apart.
Me kuulumme yhteen kuin myrsky ja yö,                                            We belong together like a storm and the night,
sinun aaltosi rantaani lyö.                                                                   your wave hitting my shore.
Me kohtaamme hetkessä ikuisuuden,                                                  We meet in a moment of forever,
me palamme roihuten.                                                                         when we burn blazing.
Kun muistosi hiekkaan jo haihtunut on,                                              When your memory has dissolved in sand,
elää rakkaus sammumaton.                                                                  the undying love will live on.

Sinä olet taivas ja minä pääskynen,                                                      You are the heaven and I am a
joka luoksesi liitelen.                                                                             who soars to you.
Sinä olet tuuli ja minä olen puu,                                                           You are the wind and I am the tree,

johon tuuli laskeutuu.                                                                            where the wind will descend.
Sinä olet virta ja minä olen kuu,                                                           You are a stream and I am the moon,
joka veteen heijastuu.                                                                            that reflects on the water.
Sinä olet lähde ja partaalla sen                                                             You are a spring and on the verge of it
minä kumarrun, janoinen.                                                                      I will bow, thirsty.
Sinä olet meri ja ulapalla sen                                                                You are the ocean and on its offing

meren laulua kuuntelen.                                                                         I will listen to the song of the ocean.

Poem by Anna-Mari Kaskinen