March 10, 2011

Grilled watermelon and haloumi salad

Just as I thought I will finally get to enjoy the cooler weather here in Sydney, the Mother Nature goes and throws in another scorcher with 30 degrees heat. I shouldn't be complaining, I suppose, as soon enough I'll be telling you it's too cold and we have no proper heating. 

So lets just say, to enjoy the last days of summer and the beautiful watermelons I've been wolfing down like there's no tomorrow, I decided to try an idea I once read in a Swedish cookbook by Tina Nordström. I've always been a huge fan of her bubbly personality and thick Skåne (Southern Sweden) accent and I knew her idea of grilling a watermelon was not a dumb one. 

Unlike Tina, however, I wanted to pair the watermelon with some gorgeously salty haloumi and deep, rich balsamic dressing. I'm glad I did, as the salad was just perfect for a hot day and I will most certainly be making this one again! 

Grilled watermelon and Haloumi salad
(Serves 2)

1/2 seedless watermelon, cut into thick slices
1 tsp ground Hungarian paprika
1/2 tsp chili flakes (more if you like it hot)
1 tbsp olive oil

200g haloumi, sliced
pinch of ground paprika, extra

1 sprig of fresh thyme
mixed salad leaves, to serve
olives, to serve


2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
1 tbsp balsamic
1 tbsp raw honey

Heat a frying pan or a grilling pan on high. Brush the watermelon slices with olive oil and sprinkle with paprika and chili. Place the watermelon slices on the pan and fry on both sides for a couple of minutes. Set aside. 
Fry the haloumi slices on both sides until golden and soft. Combine the dressing ingredients.

Place some salad leaves on a platter, top with watermelon slices and shredded haloumi. Add olives and sprinkle with fresh thyme. Drizzle with the dressing and serve immediately.