May 20, 2010

Herbie's Spices, Rozelle

I have an incurable addiction to buying spices. I don't know why I find them so irresistible and fascinating, but I find myself stocking new spices in my ever so full spice stash almost weekly. You can then imagine what it felt like to visit the famous Herbie's in Rozelle. Yes, it was a feeling much like most girls would experience when stepping in to a shoe shop: I was in my sanctuary.

Real cinnamon, not cassia...

If you are unsure what to get there is the tasting shelf...

Umm can I have a moment on my own please? Just me and the spices.

And what did I find? Allspice, the much needed ingredient to make the Scandinavian pickled herring; Barberries for making... well I just needed to have them! And cute pink peppercorns which I don't actually like so much, but which I know will make a great addition to many dishes.

I'll definitely want to revisit this place very soon!