May 03, 2010

Cafe Ish, Surry Hills

Cafe Ish at Surry Hills has certainly gained some reputation amongst us food bloggers in Sydney.
I was keen to try the famous coffee and I had built a healthy appetite running around the city like a lost hare.

Salad of roasted pumpkin, macadamias, baby spinach and chicken tossed in delicious mayo dressing. The roasted pumpkin was absolutely delicious and the dressing was not too heavy and overpowering. Macadamias add a crunchy texture to the salad.

Selection of salts: chilli salt, volcanic salt from Hawaii and citrus salt. This not only makes an interesting add to the dishes, but works as a conversation starter if one is in need for it.

Soft shell crab omelet with watercress, avocado, chilli, ginger and soy sauce. The omelet was soft and delicious, but I didn't cope so well with the chili.

Cafe's signature wattleseed maccacinos... Is this the best coffee I have ever had? Quite possibly so.

Good quality vanilla bean ice cream and wattleseed and macadamia ice cream. Yum!