March 21, 2010

Wedding and the Chinese Banquet!

Mr Kangaroo and I were privileged to attend a wedding of our dear friends Miss B and Mr J. And what a wedding it was! The ceremony was absolute beautiful, everything went so smoothly, everyone was so happy (hey, it was a wedding after all!) and the weather was gorgeous. The reception was held at the Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant in Chatswood (a suburb in Sydney). I was so excited; this was to be my first ever full on Chinese Banquet!

And here's what we had!

First course: Roast suckling pig with jellyfish and octopus

Second course: Fried Golden Stuffed Crab Claw

Dish no. 3: Steamed vegetables

Dish no. 4:Shark's fin soup

5: Noodles with crab

6: Abalone and spinach

7: Steamed Perch

And the head and the tail which according to the tradition should be facing the most honored guest.

8: Chinese style chicken with crispy skin

And Desserts!

Red bean pudding with lotus seeds

The wedding cake

And the sliced up wedding cake

Small Chinese cakes served with fruit

And here's the bridal bouquet I caught! This was my third time in a row! Now you too can learn how to master this art.